"While i was busy in ANALYSING MYSELF, i realised i missed ENJOYMENT, While i was busy in enjoyment i realised i missed OPPURTUNITIES, While i was busy in gathering opportunities i realised i missed PEOPLE WHO LOVED ME, While i was busy in getting back people who loved me i realised i missed BEING MYSELF..... So now i live to the fullest WITH NO REGRETS"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

"Mr. Perfect V/S Mr. Perfectionist"

She said; You are not the perfect person for me, because you are not perfect by your own anyway. i know people who are just perfect, perfect in almost every feild. And till their existance how come you stand a chance to become my Mr. Perfect.

I thought in my mind, "Its very true that there are people in the world who are just perfect. and this is also very true that i am not one amongst them."
But can this be the reason for me to be disappointed, can this be the reason for me to loose hopes....?

I imparted,
"They are perfect probably because, God is more grateful towards them, Almighty has showered his blessings on them"

May be i am not one of them because i am not God's faviourite child. do now i got the reason to loose hopes.......?

perhaps not.
I agree i am not perfect, it doesn't makes any difference but i can undoubtedly claim myself a "FIGHTER". And i believe a "Perfect Person" may have a chance to loose a battle, but a fighter tries again and again, until he totters and trips... he never gives up and continously makes effort to bring absolute perfection in his work until he get SUCCESS.

"I certainly agree, i may not be the most successful lover on earth, but surely the most satisfied lover on earth." Because i know i have had enough consequences which have the ability to shatter me into peices but see, I am still united. I believe if circumstances which already is worse cannot able to brought any single thought of stop loving you... what else can further worsening of situation can harm me.
"I rather choose to become your Mr. Perfectionist than Mr.Perfect."


  1. truely said...........a man shuld be a fighter rather thn a perfect one b'coz.........if u r fighter u cn overcum evry situation of life.....n if u r perfect....i think u will nt able to copup wid the situation beyond ur legue..they will break u like pebbelss because u r habiual of perfect things.....

  2. here comes something genuine from heart.

  3. its nt that u r nt perfect.........its just that "sm1 couldn't see u perfectly".........i feel that every1 is perfect in their own area.......it just depends upon the perception pf people hw they luk at it.

  4. Thanks for acknowledgeing my thoughts manu....., Perfections develops with effort and dedication i believe.

  5. @som: i dnt think perfection develop, actually it is always there inside u u just need to bring it out n polish .............so u r always perfect bt u need to look perfect

  6. @Manu: This is what i called developing, while u refer this to polishing.......... Perfection kept inside you has been always questioned about its existance..