"While i was busy in ANALYSING MYSELF, i realised i missed ENJOYMENT, While i was busy in enjoyment i realised i missed OPPURTUNITIES, While i was busy in gathering opportunities i realised i missed PEOPLE WHO LOVED ME, While i was busy in getting back people who loved me i realised i missed BEING MYSELF..... So now i live to the fullest WITH NO REGRETS"

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

"I Too Have A CHOICE"

                      I agree every individual have individual rights and identity....it's not about a man or a woman, it’s about a good man or good woman... There are a set of habits we are preached since the beginning of our childhood, we call them manners... Ofcource they are different for men and women, ideally they should be but now the fight has raised because women are demanding not the equal rights but the same treatment as men gets, not understanding the fact that same set of manners are not applicable for both genders. If you are saying there is an inequality in the system amongst men and women them i must say this inequality is necessary in the society in order to maintain the balance in the ecosystem we need somebody superior over the other to maintain discipline as we need monitors in class managers in factories team leaders in corporate and head of the family in our home, and it’s not by our choice, its by our destiny God has made men different than women, and we have just accepted this fact. This superiority is somewhere and somehow misunderstood by some people as dominance. This superiority is actually beneficial for women, as we yield utmost respect to the other gender, we always try to protect our mother, sister, wife, friend in public or in society knowing that god has made them weak physically and there are sick people who can take undue advantage of your weakness, and we admit somewhere we fail, but for that we shouldn't be treated with hatred. I also accept we have some men and ofcource some women in our society believing superiority can dominate opposite gender, but they are sick, they need treatment or abandonment, but definitely not entire clan of masculine gender is blamed for that.

In India and all parts of the world To make a career can be a choice for women but it is a responsibility for men, if a family is striving for hunger nobody blames the women, Everybody blames the men of the house (it can never be his choice to work or to sit idle) and dear here in India the case is no different..  Both the genders are judged according their social characteristics. Here the woman and men both are judged at every step, if it’s what u wear for women, then how dare you stare for men, (Because after wearing a breast revealing dress in front of a man's face women expects man to act like a blind person, it’s not possible my friend its natural). If it's what u do for women then what r u doing for your family for men etc. etc. which you might have never seen in so many countries. In most of the countries virginity is not overrated, in most of the country prostitution is legalized, in most of the Islamic countries not wearing “burkha” is a crime, in many countries doing sex in public is not a crime, who will tell me whom to follow? Come out from your fancy world girls. I can also see the world in a different order and the people at our country in a different order, can I make irrational demands giving examples of other countries? "NO" Suppose if majority of people wants to legalize the rape in Haryana, would it be possible..... Considering it there choice? Again "NO" so do not degrade feminism against the shade of making CHOICES Ms Deepika Pdukone.

This is a wonderful video for boosting your false ego, "Girls". Although there is a sense of relief itself to the "Civilization" to see that most of the people and sensible girls over the internet have discarded the video, the message and the impropriety associated with it by calling it a piece of pure bullshit. Still for the rest of them I want to shoot some more examples. Not Dominance but the rule of superiority follows everywhere, in animals, birds, insects and human too.... can you go and stop a Dog raping a bitch in public? Where does your feminism go in case of animals? I know you will say we are not animals, there should be some difference between animals and humans but, remember human is also a social animal, his needs are same but he got more control power. To save his wonderful creation called mankind God itself has prompt us to create something called civilization to make our living dignity full for both men & women, don’t disturb this balance.
Now accounting the big words "Rights" & "Duties" "Pleasure" & "Responsibilities" I found an interesting fact and I am inviting anybody to rebut if I am wrong. Tell me if men & Women are equal or should be equally treated then why after separation or divorce it is always expected from Men to pay the Alimony to his partner, why cannot he get alimony from his wife? Why he is forced to pay the expense for the maintain ace of the child and herself. As you people say a husband and wife coming both from work, equal profession, and equal designation comes home earning equal salary, but at our society end it's expected that as a man he should contribute towards the household expenses. Why there such a law exist? Any answers? But our patriarchal society never complains about that, if man made society has put some restrictions over women then they have put more restrictions and conditions over themselves too. Girls, you would not have get a chance to raise your voice and rebel if our superiority turns to dominance, and you can see the example in some sharia law countries, do you want that to happen in India too?

Since ages Men and women collectively made some rules for society and it was a collective decision that men are chosen to work outside for earning livelihood and women chooses to stay at home to do household activities. With time, need of women changes they demand to have education, show interest to make a career, work outside and ofcource there was enough sense in their demand so, again it was collectively agreed to allow them to do what was needful and with the passage of time the condition of women has improved dramatically in last 100 years.

                      Now "Girls" kindly pour some sense into yourself & tell would it be possible in this patriarchal world to stand on your feet without the contribution & effort of men? And the contribution of women in the field of women empowerment 100 years back was not even recognizable. Men and women are God’s 2 different creation, their biological system is different, their pattern of thinking is different hence the way of treating them in society should be ideally different. Men not wanting their women to dress short is nothing to do with the supremacy of man, rather it is a matter of maintaining Dignity in society which is at par set for a country like India (good or bad I am not getting into debate).

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

" Don't Tell My Mother, I Am In Pain "

Quietly by the each passing day i am regaining my health, my recovery is on rise and now i can say i have experienced the preciousness of life after surviving an illness of 45 days. Now when i have made victory over my inertia, everything around me is looking so amazing; and slowly while the world is not looking i gradually rediscovering my social life as well. 

But few days back when after an agony of 13 days i was shifted to ICU for the treatment of Viral Hepatitis, things were not like that, I have never seen myself like this, and i would rather hate to see myself like this again, but actually i was happy, i was happy that i was alive. See i was not looking as handsome as i was looking a couple of week before, but i was feeling better than i was feeling a couple of days before. 16 February 2015, That was my 4th day without sleep and a fortnight without proper food, i was constantly loosing my appetite, severe pain in my joints, headache, vomiting and weakness drops to its worst level. i was feeling something in my stomach and bearing pain similar to the labor pain of a pregnant lady, (the pain leads my imagination to make such comparison). The final day when i was taken to the hospital, i was gone through the worst condition of my life, i have live experienced the situation of a person what he might feel before death, i had a feeling like death approaches towards me. Gradually i have noticed few disabilities in my body. My eyes turns yellow, my skin turns black. I was hallucinating, forgetting things i.e loss of memory, may be because proper blood circulation or oxygen was not reaching to the brain. My throat chokes away, i cannot raise my voice may be because lack of energy. i cannot able to control my flow of urine (Micturation) and the worst thing is i was unable to feel my limbs i was not getting sense where my hand and legs were. 

Immediately my parents rushed and i was admitted in IMCU (Intensive Medical Care Unit) of Fortis Hospital, where 5 electrode wires (Electrical Impulses Cable) attached to my body 2 in chest and 3 in stomach, and a nerve conduction device is attached to my finger and the other end to a medical monitoring device for monitoring my health. A cannula is pierced in the reverse of my right hand palm, the glucose and other medicines were administrated intravenously through this cannula, they have taken a plenty of my blood to carry out a dozen of tests.  My mother look like she is going to cry when she looks at me but i didn't want that to happen, i wanted to have my family look at me with pride instead of hopelessness. I am a strong boy i assured my mother but in real i turn weak when i see tears in my mothers eyes, she hold my hand and assured me she wont let anything bad happen with me and her tears rolled over my hand. I assured her, i can absolutely survive the hardest situation i'll ever have to be in. I was in pain but i do not want my family to be constantly terrified over my condition. i wanted my family to be firm & proud of myself every time, in every situation. My mother was constantly crying and is making me weaker so i didn't cause her pain anymore. In order to see me recovering fast, i asked her to promise me to smile every time she looks at me, instead of looking completely broken.

I knew that my illness shouldn't define my future, I knew that i deserve to be healthy again, both emotionally and physically. I am having a lot's of pending work to be done; i have to rebuilt some relationships that were hurt, i need to fix it so to be able to say "I LOVE YOU" without thinking that she will take this in distress and become hopeless about myself being an irresponsible man again. I never wanted people to show sympathy over me for being unwell, i wanted to recover at the earliest so that i can get attention for the right reasons. I know my people, my friends who love me will love to see me happy healthy and confident, but then i had no option else to bear the pain and to wait to overcome my illness. Doctors knew their job well and were doing what was needful. After 7 long days i was ready to be discharged when the doctors examined that i was out of danger and is safe to take me back to home, i was still complaining about severe headache in the back of my head, the doctor smiled and replied; "This is the least of your suffering young boy". I was feeling grateful to the almighty and then to the gentleman Dr. Sanjay Kumar (Gastroenterologist), who was not less than the shadow of God to me. I thanked him for saving my life and came back to a more deserving place "Sweet Home"

And now after another 15 days i am still in hysteria that i actually survived such an illness; but yes it happened. it happened because of your millions of good wishes, because of the power of positivism inside me and my family. And steadily i am learning to relive because i deserve to be stay healthy. I no longer have needle piercing spots over my body, Of course i am taking my medicines on time because i understand it is helping me & not because i am forced to do so. Gently i am re learning to celebrate the little, daily victories, i can think clearly again, yellowness from my eyes fades away and i am regaining my fairness and appetite. i finally able to join the chat and laughter of whats-app groups with my friends. i am again active on facebook and started posting posts in order to get business. i found time and will to write blog to recollect my memories and to let my people know about my experience. Everyday i challenge myself to see how strong i am; "mentally, not physically", Physically i am still weak from inside & doctor has advised me for a month of bed-rest and i respect my body's limits.

I feel grateful to the almighty, and i can never forget my family's effort that i finally feel live again, see, i am back to my senses,. Calmly, i am shaping into my form again, i am almost ready to do again what i once could. I know i am more worthy than my struggles defines me and along with me the world deserves to know that. A pulsating dynamic personality is evolving within me and no one have the power to stop me. I am preparing myself for the future. This condition taught me a several things and i don't want to forget my learning and i could remember all of them in my experiences

Your's Loving........ XOXO

Sunday, November 4, 2012

"A man should"
Have Faith in God but believe in himself.
Know how to laugh at himself.
Never stops trying, even if totter and trips.
Know how to cook a meal.
Count 1 to 5 whenever he is angry.
Be a child at heart and live like a king.
Be down to earth, yet draw eyes full of dreams.
Fall in love at least once in life.
Never forget his first kissing misadventure.
Laughs when he wants to shout.
Be Adam for the women in his life.
Know that the path of duty leads to glory.
Set goals to achieve and set new heights to reach.
Stare at a pretty girl, give compliments Generously."

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Somnath Karmakar is the youngest and the most electrifying stand-up comedian from Faridabad (NCR) India. He was born on 27th Jan, in a bengali family but born and brought up in U.P (Meerut), India. He displayed his exceptional skills in acting at a very young age while schooling at the Guru Tegh Bahadur Public School in Meerut. His debut in the industry however was in 2007 with a very famous television comedy series "The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Season 3". After that, there was no stopping he soon appeared in several television shows and tele films on various indian television channels including Star One, Star News, Aaj tak, Sahara, Jan Sandesh, Total Tv, Magik Tv and numerous radio stations like Radio Mirchi, Big FM, Radio Chaska and many more. The creative team of The great Indian laughter challenge has recognized the talent and creativity of Somnath Karmakar and He was then selected Again in the third season of “The great Indian laughter challenge” in 2008. This was where he was referred to as the ‘Youngest Champion’ on the show.

From his initials successes in the show, he was asked to participate in other stand-up comedy shows in various other television channels in india. Initialy he is recognized as A Standup Comedian, but this is not all what he is. he is an Actor, a mimicry artist, a musician, a poet, a painter, a writer and lots more to mention Being an actor he believes, The actor must discover the essence of character and project that essence to the audience. he has always potrayed the essence of the character which has been perceived differently, however, at different times, periods, styles, and cultures, and by different personalities of character. When concers begins to approach part of the actor's challenge he says, "To appear real, the actor must be artificial." 

Somnath believes in the importance of an academic grounding in the basic principles of art and adheres strongly to the classical premises of art education, having childhood full of drawing and painting always foreshadowed an artistic future. After completing 4 years in college of pharmacy somnath is now persuing masters in business administration in international business. Being a pharmacy graduate by profession and an artist by passion Somnath did full justice with his passion and profession. 

Mimicry artist is performer whose act consists of giving the impression of being someone else by imitating other person’s voice and mannerisms. and the rarest combination of mimicry with Stand-up Comedy is one of the most difficult arts in the World. Being able to make a bunch of strangers laugh with your amazing skill of voice modulation is a fantastic skill. Mimicry has been studied phonetically to a very minor extent. This is quite surprising considering the interest in the phenomenon among the general public. The phenomenon has, however, an interest that goes far beyond the area of public entertainment. From a purely phonetic point of view it may tell us a lot about the flexibility of the human voice – to what extent, and in what ways, is it possible to modulate one’s voice. If you ever wondered how flexible is the human voice? then Somnath has more than phenominal 100 voices to proove himself a case study of mimicry.

With his growing success he was appreciated and loved more and more by audiences all over the world. He was asked to be a part of the "Foundation Against Thallesimia" to serve humanity on his special way, since then he has kept his association and promise to the NGO. Beside that Somnath is now well verse and feel very comfortable in stage after completing 5 glorious years and more than 500 national and international shows. from corporate shows to public shows, live concerts to university festivals Somnath has strongly made his mark of presence successfully. Amongst all the wowest moment from recieving the best mimic in inter university festival in three consecutive years 2006, 2007 and 2008 the most overwhelming moment was to perform in the honour of the chief minister of Haryana state "Sh. Bhupendra Singh Hudda ji." 

Note: All of the Contents in my Profile is Copyright under the act © 2012 - 2013. All rights reserved.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

"I made a blunder today"

i forgot the date of examination today...........

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"FACEBOOK, mindless broadcasting of my thoughts and feelings"

                     when i have a lot to write about a particular thing, and i found my posts are getting excessively long, i simply divide them in segments and give title to each one of them, actually this is a trick to make the interest of the reader sustained in my topic yet in the interesting topic like facebook there are lots of thing which irritates us and there are lots of things which pleases us as well.

My idea about facebook is, it sucks when it gives me a feeling like I've made a major inroads on letting go of what other's think, facebook has not helped me with having confidence on my own idea, facebook is an easy prey of our insecurities, Facebook has made me feel more disconnected than connected, window shopping on other's lives is not the same as having a personal interaction with them. I want to be connected to people, but i don't want to be compared. i want to know how a friend's life is going, not how their personal profile is being developed out or who they have befriended or where they are shopping or what her wife is cooking tonight.

I am really fed up of these sick status updates of my "never ever known but still friends, called facebook friends",

  • "If you're going to say what you want to say, you're going to hear what you don't want to hear." 
  • "bye frndz gng to mumbai again................"
  • "waaaasupppppppppppppppppppppppppp guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz so gaye kyaaaa "

Even though when people didn’t have anything for a profile status to update, they would find themselves in the kitchen making Maggie and mentally posting something to their Facebook wall about a recepie “making a tasty Thai basil curry” which they have been watching in Fox Travelers. Really i have a pathetic experience about finding a nice status update and about myself, I hated being only half present in my own life and always thinking about my next status update.

        at the same time I loved it, craved it, and needed that attention. I wanted to be known and loved by everyone. I feared that people would forget me entirely if I left Facebook, my love-hate relationship with Facebook caused me to spend inordinate amounts of time on Facebook

i would be glad if i can change something or help to make someone change that is myself, i would glad if i began wtiting letters again, i would be glad if i started remembering birthdays on my own, if again i be able to send greetings by making homemade cards, i would be glad by calling old friends more often. I  want to relish a life free of the random agonizing moral dilemmas presented by Facebook including but not limited to; can I unfriend a dead person? Or can i resist their family to be upset? Although I did suffer moments of intense sadness, I realized that while Facebook could provide an amazing quantity of interactions, it could never make them truly meaningful to me.

We give worst treatment on the very sensitive issues of our society by making a Facebook page on them, female foeticide is a crime more common in the interior villages of our country where people do not use Facebook, and real criminals are the medical professionals who do not have time to feel guilty about  themselves on committing this serious crime, or rest, whoom we are trying to educate making these useless pages, moreover i have come across some RIP Pages, what is the purpose of doing this nonsense or is a Facebook page for a dead person the modern way to pay homage to a loved one?

I think the majority of us, if tested, would have lower self esteem after 15 minutes on Facebook than before we logged on. So I’m taking back those 15 minutes to focus on myself. To get inspired and engaged in my own life. To connect with people in-person rather than in a virtual world that was more distracting than engaging.

"FACEBOOK, kills time or it kills your creativity"

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Fun Man...
      I have wasted my 15 precious minutes by wiggling around these useless notifications, and another 15 minutes by regretting about that, i am sure if i wasn't an artist i would surely have already deleted my facebook account, as i have realized that facebook does nothing else to make u a "creative impotent patient"

I have gone though various blogs where people mentioned themselves as facebook addicts, and by the time how they have recovered themselves from this giant time eating insect just by deleting their facebook accounts. I have still restricted myself to do so because i run my business by this social networking site, i connect to my clients and other artists and event organizers by this site, i deal for shows, events , live programs by facebook, i upload my show pics, my upcoming projects, my creative peice of work, My videos in facebook, from where i got recognization from people, Hits, Likes, comments and shares are the tools which gives you a scale to measure your popularity..

People have their own reasons to delete their accounts some feel that by this site they allow unwanted people to intervene their personal life and they do not control themselves  to do this, some were working on to getting out of the comparison game. Its the game where you are accused of not focusing on the path that others have chosen, instead you feel guilty of creating your own path, Correct,  why should we? why should we feel guilty for being ourselves?

Some feels that this is a distraction for them, it is the water cooler gossip that is eating up time i could be writing. Some believe it is the window on the other people's life that reflects back what you are missing or rather, it is the window people want you to see.

i am actually amazed to see  how people use the platform of Facebook, and for what reason they post about their credit card bills, fight with their spouse or how they have being uninspired by their job. how people die to get likes on their useless posts about outdated love tips and pictures which they have clicked in the backyards or in the midst in their farms, i do not understand how would spreading post about keeping water pits in  the roof of the house for birds in summer helps to save birds from dieing unless you actually go and do the same. i don't understand why do we spoil someone's wall by tagging them with an ugly pic of an Nigerian women, and we even expect comments on this.

                            facebook's irritating gaming requests like farmville, Monsterworld and Sach ka saamna and all the crap applications on facebook which tells you about your death date, how much your lover loves you, and which celebrity u look like is the reason why every time i log in i take a step back.