"While i was busy in ANALYSING MYSELF, i realised i missed ENJOYMENT, While i was busy in enjoyment i realised i missed OPPURTUNITIES, While i was busy in gathering opportunities i realised i missed PEOPLE WHO LOVED ME, While i was busy in getting back people who loved me i realised i missed BEING MYSELF..... So now i live to the fullest WITH NO REGRETS"

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"FACEBOOK, kills time or it kills your creativity"

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Fun Man...
      I have wasted my 15 precious minutes by wiggling around these useless notifications, and another 15 minutes by regretting about that, i am sure if i wasn't an artist i would surely have already deleted my facebook account, as i have realized that facebook does nothing else to make u a "creative impotent patient"

I have gone though various blogs where people mentioned themselves as facebook addicts, and by the time how they have recovered themselves from this giant time eating insect just by deleting their facebook accounts. I have still restricted myself to do so because i run my business by this social networking site, i connect to my clients and other artists and event organizers by this site, i deal for shows, events , live programs by facebook, i upload my show pics, my upcoming projects, my creative peice of work, My videos in facebook, from where i got recognization from people, Hits, Likes, comments and shares are the tools which gives you a scale to measure your popularity..

People have their own reasons to delete their accounts some feel that by this site they allow unwanted people to intervene their personal life and they do not control themselves  to do this, some were working on to getting out of the comparison game. Its the game where you are accused of not focusing on the path that others have chosen, instead you feel guilty of creating your own path, Correct,  why should we? why should we feel guilty for being ourselves?

Some feels that this is a distraction for them, it is the water cooler gossip that is eating up time i could be writing. Some believe it is the window on the other people's life that reflects back what you are missing or rather, it is the window people want you to see.

i am actually amazed to see  how people use the platform of Facebook, and for what reason they post about their credit card bills, fight with their spouse or how they have being uninspired by their job. how people die to get likes on their useless posts about outdated love tips and pictures which they have clicked in the backyards or in the midst in their farms, i do not understand how would spreading post about keeping water pits in  the roof of the house for birds in summer helps to save birds from dieing unless you actually go and do the same. i don't understand why do we spoil someone's wall by tagging them with an ugly pic of an Nigerian women, and we even expect comments on this.

                            facebook's irritating gaming requests like farmville, Monsterworld and Sach ka saamna and all the crap applications on facebook which tells you about your death date, how much your lover loves you, and which celebrity u look like is the reason why every time i log in i take a step back. 

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