"While i was busy in ANALYSING MYSELF, i realised i missed ENJOYMENT, While i was busy in enjoyment i realised i missed OPPURTUNITIES, While i was busy in gathering opportunities i realised i missed PEOPLE WHO LOVED ME, While i was busy in getting back people who loved me i realised i missed BEING MYSELF..... So now i live to the fullest WITH NO REGRETS"

Friday, April 27, 2012

"We, Not Me"

Now a days very seldom i get positive impulses to write down my feelings on my blog, that too in right time is once in a blue moon and today i found that moon, colored blue.... actually this is about a relation between two people on the earth who love each other to the fullest and at the end of their verge, they have very little odds to overcome upon, differences in caste, creed, color, region all are there but still their faith in their destiny makes them fearless its very difficult to understand but yes..., they are fearless in most of the aspects related to their marriage. May be..... i am not sure, but may be this fearlessness is somewhere related to the eternal power of LOVE.

        The word love,i am amazed to see how frequently people use this word LOVE everywhere in their life, because in most of the places in the journey of a man's lifetime love is responsible for almost everything... for stability, for happiness, for extreme happiness, for bursting out in joy, for sadness, for extreme sadness, for withering in pain, causing intolerable agony......... from attempting suicide to committing it somewhere, somehow love is responsible...

         LOVE do not stop following you in your good times, but follow you in bad times as well..... somewhere when love is not seen around, the consequences of love are surely be seen. love has the power to add glory to a persons life or Gun to the persons hand.... it depends the way you handle your emotional corner of yourself, your heart.

   Fortunately, after a supernova explosion of emotional distress i found my Miss Perfect, and i am proud of being myself that i have sustained the stress against all odds to get a reward from God in the form of a loving partner. Difference in understanding, difference in point of views, difference in beliefs are the things i think one should completely ignore in order to effectively sustain a relationship. 

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